Monday, 9 May 2011

Abou Afif

If you live in Beirut and you're not familiar with Abou Afif, its probably because it so easily blends in with the building that it belongs to. With no logo or colors, Abou Afif had no way of being recognized. This sandwich shop in Hamra is a hub for AUB students and other Hamra lovers. He is popular for his mayo filled scrumptious sandwiches. When students have a quick break or when they've reached the end of the month and are naturally broke, this is where you'd find them lounging. Although the food and prices were appealing, the place itself was the opposite. 3 friends and I went on a mission to re-decorate Abou Afif.

1. Window Display:  We started off by giving him a logo. We then chose the colors red and yellow 
rather than the green and blue that he had. 

2.  Dining Experience: The gate is always closed and therefore was always covered with plants. We got rid of the plants and instead made a low bar for people in the outside to recognize it as a sandwhich shop. We also got rid of the old white plastic tables. They took too much space and barely seated 6 people. Instead, we put high wodden tables and chairs. The outside section easily sits 20 people now. 

3. Interactive wall: There was an empty wall which students would randomly scribble on, therefor we decided to highlight it and make it an intentional interactive wall were customers can leave their comments. 

If you ever do go to Abou Afif, dont forget to leave a comment! :)

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